Compañía Distribuidora Internacional S.A. (CODISA) took its first steps in November 1977. Since then, our Company's business has been selling and distribution of mass consumption products throughout Paraguay.

We have a longstanding relationship with the British American Tobacco Group being the exclusive distributor of its brands Kent, Lucky Strike and Pall Mall.

In the last decade, we incorporate new business to the company as the exclusive distribution of Pepsico Snacks and representation and distribution of products of renowned international and regional brands including, Cookies and Crackers El Trigal, Tomato Sauces and Dressings Pontevedra, Topps Candy, Dulce de Leche Lapataia and Portezuelo Pastries and Puddings.

In addition, we distribute the renowned spirit beverage brands of Aristócrata y Parapití, both produced by CAPASA Company.


Achieve leadership of mass consumption products in the categories where we do business.


To be the preferred supplier in the market through a sustainable competitive advantage having a highly-motivated and skilled organization. To be a profitable and sustainable company over the long time.


CODISA's commitment is to sell competitive products that satisfy the needs and expectations of consumers through a profitable relationship with our customers, providing an effective and efficient service.

We continually evaluate and adjust our processes, following the trends and market needs, complying with the laws and regulations affecting our operations.

We engage employees in a continuous improvement processes, providing appropriate training and tools and promoting a professional, transparent and dynamic work environment.


In CODISA we know that the quality of our people makes the difference. Therefore, we strive to recruit, develop and retain the best talent in the labor market in Paraguay.

We value diversity in our workforce, so we do not discriminate by age, gender, race or religion.

  • We have over 200 employees in the Commercial, Logistics and Administration Areas.
  • We have an annual training plan focused on developing the skills of our key personnel.
  • We measure employee morale in all our areas and take corrective actions to promote a pleasant and stimulating environment.
  • We conduct performance evaluations to recognize strengths and identify opportunities for improvement in our team.

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The CODISA Head Office building has 2,400 square meters of warehouse in addition to the 2,300 square meters of warehouse of various branches located at strategic points in the country.

The first level logistics includes a suitable place to store products in the best way, with functional air conditioning for a guaranteed maintenance. This allows increasing the capacity of days of product existence, which reduces costs and time.

Local also has ramp to fill and empty distribution trucks, allowing us to work simultaneously with six trucks of distribution. With this infrastructure we can centralize operations, receipt of orders and delivery of goods.

We also have parking for 50 cars, garage for mechanical maintenance services, an area for washing trucks, as well as a fuel pump.

Our fleet of cars and trucks is composed of more than 70 vehicles.


Our sales department is organized by Sales Channels. In one hand, the Traditional Channel team calls on wholesale and retail customers directly, and on the other hand, the Organized Channel team calls on supermarkets, gas stations and other key accounts.

Through our Salespersons we cover the entire national territory and came directly to over 6,000 clients per month.

We grant credit on reasonable terms to many of our clients knowing they will pay their bills on the agreed terms. This allows us to generate an adequate cash flow and also generate a reasonable profit margin.

As for sales management and control of the business, our Sales Team has a technological tool through mobile phones from where they interact online with company sales system in a secure and reliable way by providing systematic and timely new data that form the basis for the development of new management indicators that allow us to measure productivity in a more accurately manner.